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   Hi, I’m Cdr. Doreen Jokerst, Associate Director of the Thomas & Means Policy Center.  I work very closely with Attorney Randy Means and Policy Center Director Greg Seidel particularly, but also with other members of their policy teams.  In my primary employment, I've worked for many years with a suburban Denver-area law enforcement agency and I am a graduate of the Senior Management Institute for Police in Boston, Northwestern University's School of Police Staff and Command and the FBI National Academy.

  I'm currently support services commander for my agency but spent years as head of professional standards and I continue to manage policy manual maintenance and innovation, including CALEA accreditation. My master's degree is in psychology. I have become very familiar with what causes policy to work properly - and to not work. After considerable exposure to the work done by so-called “model policy” experts, I can say this: Thomas & Means policy work is different and better. The first and most important reason is that nobody knows more than Randy Means and his leadership team about the dynamics - the ins and outs - of good policy. The second reason is that we are not a pre-fab, cookie-cutter operation.

   Our work is custom-tailored to the needs and wants of your organization, using your existing policy as our starting point, incorporating and maintaining as much of your own organizational culture as possible in the final product. We provide four levels of service:

  • A “Scan” – this is a line by line, word by word, review of your entire policy manual, followed by an in-person report to you on what’s right, and wrong, with your current policies. It identifies your “soft spots” and recommends specific ways to harden the target. It is our least expensive policy manual involvement, because it does not include writing revision and replacement policies, and costs only $9,950, including all expenses associated with the on-site visit to make the in-person report.  This work, including the associated report, is done personally by Randy Means and Greg Seidel.
  • A Complete Policy Manual Review and Revision – this work begins with a “Scan” and in-person report, then goes on to create whatever revisions you identify as important to you. Using your existing manual (and culture) as our starting point, we do a first draft of recommended policy revisions. You review that and either accept or reject our recommendations. We then do a final draft based on your feedback. The end. For an average size agency, this work can be accomplished for around $35,000 - $40,000 (not including the initial "scan" project).  Not to worry: You will know up-front, going-in, what your cost will be and that it is acceptable to you.  No unhappy surprises.
  • On-Going Review and Revision – as its name suggests, this involves periodic, usually annual, review of your manual for needed changes in view of trends in best practices, legal developments, and/or philosophy. This service is under $5,000 a year.
  • Individual Policies - can be reviewed and revised for under $1,000, sometimes as little as $500.

    Most of this work is done by Randy Means and his team but you can choose who does it, if you have a preference. If you would like to discuss the improvement of your directives manual, please don’t hesitate to contact me by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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