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Hi, I’m Randy Means. Welcome to our website. A few words of general orientation to our firm …

We are a law firm specializing in law enforcement matters. Training is a big part of our business. Both partners have more than 30 years of full-time experience with police issues. As our experience with those issues grew, our roles in their management broadened correspondingly. We became involved in almost every aspect of police work, from patrol matters to investigations to personnel practices and, of course, anything that had legal implications – which is almost everything done by or in a police department.

Bob Thomas began his career with law enforcement as legal advisor to a regional law enforcement consortium. I began as an instructor, then a department head, at a state law enforcement training center. After a few years, we each arrived at the Charlotte Police Department (today the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department) where we worked together as In-House Counsel. We served on its command and executive staffs and also participated side-by-side, hand-in-hand, with its line officers and supervisors - as they worked in the trenches.

The City of Charlotte is NFL size, NBA size, headquarters of Bank of America, served by one of the busier hub airports in the country, and has most of the kinds of police problems that are common to large cities. We consequently saw and worked with just about everything that can happen, and go wrong, in a police environment.

After many years of full-time employment with that agency, we left – in good standing – to form a private firm specializing in exactly those issues with which we had been working for so long. We now provide legal services to a number of North Carolina law enforcement agencies and, as consultants and trainers, provide information, training, consulting services and risk management advice to law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. We hope for the opportunity to serve you.

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